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About Us

Christ Centered | Solutions Based

As a Christ Centered organization One Flesh Business Solutions, Inc. is grounded in the Word of God.  One Flesh focuses on providing specialized services from payment processing to brand strategy, execution and web design.  For more information on the service line up click here.

One Flesh has worked with a wide array of business types helping to put the missing pieces of their businesses together.  Some of those business types include law offices, doctor's offices, veterinarians, schools, boutiques, fashion brands, maintenance businesses, entertainment businesses and more.  

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner in need of assistance please contact us. Below is a look at our standard new client process.


The Process


Free Consultation:

The first step is scheduling your free consultation with our leadership team.


Needs Assessment:

Next we will meet with your team, discuss your situation and determine exactly what services are needed.



Following the needs assessment we will make our recommendations as to which services you should take advantage of for the benefit of your business through a formal proposal. 


Service Selection

Finally, it is up to you to determine the services you would like to utilize.  We almost always get started immediately so we can get the missing pieces of your business in place.

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