All of our client work begins with strategy

After being in business for over a decade Brookwood Animal Clinic was looking for a way to elevate their overall brand by leveraging their strong historical practice in veterinary medicine. They reached out to us and we provided a complete rebrand work up.


We developed a full brand strategy that is unique to their business which is something they had never had before.  It provided a framework for who they are, what they are ultimately trying to achieve, how their approach is striving to make a difference, and how to consistently execute towards their vision.

From there we created a new logo and website that aligned with their new strategy.  They now have a brand with distinctive elements that represent their mission and vision with uniformity across all platforms. 

The Ball Team Realtors is a husband and wife team that was facing an oversaturated industry of younger realtors.  They were having a hard time finding their voice within the industry and reached out to us to help them find a competitive edge. 


During the brand discovery phase we quickly located that differentiation within their life story.  We leveraged those details and created a narrative for their unique brand story.  This set them apart greatly within the industry.


In addition, we created a logo and landing page that aligned with their brand vision and new found differentiation.

Iris City Chiropractic reached out to us looking for a way to shift their brand focus. Although chiropractic care is the primary service provided within their business, they also provide other services that have high demand but the majority of people were unaware of. 

We assessed their brand structure and upon completion decided that a partial rebrand would be able to assist them. We focused highly on their brand position, brand promise and their core messaging. 

In addition, we also provided some visual rebranding with the design of their new logo and website.

With a 20+ year sports and entertainment business history, Griffin Skate Inn reached out for assistance in creating a solid identity for its historic brand. Although it housed a lot of old memories they needed to find a way to become relevant again with their target market.


We performed a complete rebrand from strategy to logo, website, and promotional material design. In addition, we also provided a two week social media jumbstart, integrating the new strategy and design work into their primary platforms. The results boasted incredible metrics.  We now manage social platforms for the client on a continued basis.

After turning a hobby into a business and seeing some good traction the owner of Kimptopia Balloons reached out to us during a web design promotional period.  The promotion included brand discovery, web design and a complimentary brand audit.  

Based on the information obtained during the brand discovery we created a web design that aligned with with her vision, and evoked a fun and exciting feeling for potential customers.

The brand audit provided insight on the strong areas of her business as well as some missing pieces within her current brand structure.