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Design Is The Silent Ambassador of Your Brand.
Every business or entrepreneur needs their own online platform outside of social media.  Our Web Design solutions will help to both visually interpret your brand and translate its key elements.
View some of our work here.
Here is how we put the pieces of your website together to best represent your brand
To design your website so that it parallels the foundation of your brand, we ask for a brand strategy or a brand guide to help us assure that your brand is cohesive from colors, images and photography to translating your core values and brand promise. Your business should look and sound the same despite the platform.
Layout & Design
First, we work on creating a layout that best suits your business.  The design should flow, be easy to follow and most importantly captivate the viewer.  You have 5 seconds to grab the attention of the reader or provide the information they are looking for.  Simplicity is always key.
Copy & Core Messaging
Next, we will integrate copy into the website.  Your core brand messaging will be a key aspect of that copy.  The overall objective is to inform viewers of who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you do it differently in a clear but concise fashion that translates easily for your target markets.  
Lastly, we assure that the functionality of your new website aligns with your business needs. From forms to purchase capability email lists or blog updates your website should function well for you and your customers.


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