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15% Off Brand Strategy Packages

Holiday Promotion

Most people think branding is a nice logo and catchy tagline, but that’s only a fraction of what branding truly is. Not to worry. As our holiday gift to you we're offering 15% off our Brand Strategy Packages to.  These strategies will help get your business off to a great start as you focus on meeting your goals.  Below are the two package options. 

Both Branding Package options begin with brand discovery and audit. This first step helps us to gain a solid understanding of your brand as it exists today with a thorough audit. This involves meeting with you, going through a series of questions and conducting our own independent research. Next we would move on to defining the most important aspects of your brand that are outlined below.

Lastly, we will leverage the Brand Strategy Document to create a new website for your business.  Your website will align with your new strategy and provide a fresh new look and feel

  • Brand Vision: This is your ultimate goal. It’s your finish line

  • Brand Mission: This is your every day effort towards achieving your vision

  • Vision Focuses: Here we will define key elements that you should be focusing on to create a clear path to vision attainability.

  • Core Values: These represent the foundation of your business. They are the non negotiables that will dictate the overall culture of your business.

  • Industry Data: This is a dive into your industry in which we gain valuable insight and analyze key trends.

  • Target Markets: These are the groups of individuals you believe are most likely to utilize your service. They are typically broken down into 3 groups. We then look into each group and create an audience persona for each in an effort to understand more about them.

  • Brand Positioning Statement: This defines what your product or service is, who it’s for, what problem it solves and what makes it different.

  • Brand Promise: This articulates your why.​ I​t’s not about what you do or how you do it, but rather why you do it and why your target market should care. This is where we define what you promise to do for your customers.

  • Core Brand Messaging: This is a consumer facing translation of your brand promise. ​It is the big picture behind your product service or idea.

Full Brand Strategy & Web Design

In addition to web design, this package includes a formal document defining all key elements mentioned above.  This is the more thorough option and provides additional information about your vision, how to actually reach your vision, industry data, how your business should be positioned within the industry and valuable insight about your target markets.

COST: $5,099

YOU PAY: $4,335


Partial Brand Strategy & Web Design

In addition to web design, this package includes a formal document defining the following select elements: mission, core values, brand promise and brand messaging.  This is the more basic option, but provides what you need to begin executing a more effective strategy for your brand.

COST: $3,499 

YOU PAY: $2,975


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