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Evalina Huckaby
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Thank you for considering One Flesh Business Solutions' Branding & Design services as you prepare to dive into conceptualizing the best business and revenue generating ideas for your beautiful new property, Sanctuaire Atelier and any associated digital platforms.

As a Christ Centered organization we are especially grateful for the opportunity to work with other faith based businesses.  We love the overall mission of lovingkindness and are excited about all of the amazing things your business and brand will do in the years to come.

For your consideration we are providing a formal Branding & Design Proposal along with examples of our work and some client testimonials.  



After being in business for over a decade Brookwood Animal Clinic's online presence was dated and didn't reflect their overall vision.  They had recently remodeled their brick and mortar and wanted to refresh their overall brand so that everything was cohesive.


After having a discovery meeting we determined that a full brand strategy and design workup would be most beneficial for their business.  Their new brand strategy provided a framework for who they are, what they are ultimately trying to achieve, how their approach is striving to make a difference, and how to consistently execute towards their vision. From there we created a new logo and website that aligned with their new strategy.  They now have a brand with distinctive elements that represent their mission and vision with uniformity across all platforms. 



After the rebrand Brookwood Animal Clinic now has a completely cohesive brand identity that reflects their strong history and core values.  Their client social media engagement has more than doubled along with their new client averages per month.




Iris City Chiropractic reached out to us looking for a way to shift their brand focus. Although chiropractic care is the primary service provided within their business, they also provide other services that have high demand but the majority of people were unaware of. 

We assessed their brand structure and upon completion decided that a partial rebrand would be able to assist them. We focused highly on their brand position, brand promise and their core messaging. In addition, we also updated the brand aesthetic with the design of their new logo and website.


As a result of the partial rebrand and aesthetic work, Iris City Chiropractic is now positioned as a Chiropractic Care office that provides "More Than Just Adjustments".  Their other core services now have more visibility and have seen an increase in business.



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With a 20+ year sports and entertainment business history, Griffin Skate Inn reached out for assistance in creating a new website.  After our discovery meeting we determined that although the business housed a lot of memories, they needed to find a way to become relevant again with their target market.


We ended up performing a complete rebrand from strategy to aesthetic, web design, and promotional material. In addition, we also provided a two week social media jumpstart, integrating the new strategy and design work into their primary platforms. 

As a result of the rebrand, Griffin Skate Inn now has a fun fresh look and feel that aligns with their vision, core values and target market. Their social platforms have had a drastic increase in following and the engagement from their target market has increased drastically both online and in person.






The Ball Team Realtors is a husband and wife team that was facing an oversaturated industry of younger realtors.  They were having a hard time finding their voice within the industry and reached out to us to help them find a competitive edge. 



During the brand discovery phase we quickly located that differentiation within their life story.  We leveraged those details and created a narrative for their unique brand story. 




The Ball Team's new brand story set them apart within the industry and now they are known as one of the oldest realtor husband and wife teams.




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About Bodies is a Christ Centered yoga and massage studio.  The owner reached out to OFBS because she needed a website refresh and was having a difficult time positioning her business as faith based. She wanted Christian women to be more comfortable practicing yoga but wasn't sure how to message that  



We had a brand discovery meeting that allowed us to get a clear on her vision and core values as well as the way she structured her yoga and massage services. With this insight we were able to create brand messaging that best spoke to those elements as well as to her target audience. 



As a result of her new website and brand messaging, prospective clients now have a clear understanding of what Christian Based Yoga is and are very comfortable attending classes.




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A lot of things have improved for the better since we began working with OFBS!  Tawanda picked a color scheme that would compliment our newly remodeled office and created an aesthetic that looks more consistent than what we had before.  We have much more consistent engagement on our social media pages, and our business has a congruent message and look throughout our practice, We have seen positive talk across our platforms and since working with her we have doubled our new client averages per month.  Needless to say One Flesh Business Solutions has been a huge asset to our company and worth every penny!


Brookwood Animal Clinic

Looking back, I can't remember exactly how it happened, but I reached out to Tawanda for a consultation. She came here to spend some time getting to know us and see what we were doing in the practice. Based on that, she came back with a proposal. 


I fell in love with her concepts. She is creative, resourceful, and knowledgeable about creating a brand and putting it into the right stream to capture attention. As a result, we have an updated website which is linked to a Facebook page, even color-coded to match the clinic. It describes us, what we do, and tells her story. I have been absolutely delighted. 


Our monthly follow-up meetings keep us on track with adaptations to our message. She is helping us to "fish where they are biting." We are getting attention as a result of the rebranding and innovative distribution of our message.


It is such a joy to work with Tawanda.  You will tap her deep pools of imagination, enthusiasm and innovation. Perhaps more important than all of that, you may rely on genuine integrity that is consistent with a faith driven life.

Bob H.

Iris City Chiropractic

We reached out to OFBS because we were in need of a new website and better functionality with booking parties online.  We ended up getting that and so much more.  Before creating our new website and making our party booking system so much better, Tawanda created a brand strategy for us.  In our long history of business we never had one before.  It's been great having brand colors and messaging that all go together.  It's made a difference in the way we present ourselves to the public. No only that, since she's been managing our social media our engagement and following has been great!


Amy & Bill  

Griffin Skate Inn





Based on the information we obtained during your free consultation we've determined that our full branding package would be most beneficial to you. Below is what's included the investment and timeframe. 

Full Branding Package

Discovery Meeting

The first step is to gain a solid understanding of your brand as it exists today with a discovery meeting. This involves going through a series of questions related to your vision, objective, goals and desires as it relates to your new business.

Ideation Session

Based on the information we obtain from our discovery meeting we will move on to a 2 to 3 hour ideation session. During this session we will review any and all lines of business within your possible organizational structure so that we can consider potential areas of monetization that align with your vision, objective, goals and desires.

Brand Strategy Development

Once the discovery is complete, we will work to develop a complete brand strategy that is unique to you. A complete brand strategy includes defining all of the following each which have been defined for you in your review of our business solutions document.


  • Brand Vision

  • Brand Mission

  • Vision Focuses

  • Core Values

  • Target Markets

  • Brand Positioning Statement

  • Brad Promise

  • Core Brand Messaging

Brand Aesthetic

Once your brand strategy is complete I will move into interpreting your brand characteristics in a more visual way with the design of your new logo and the selection of your color palette.  Brand guidelines are also included.

Web Design

Next I will leverage your new brand strategy and aesthetic to redesign your current website's layout and design. I will integrate their core elements to assure that the bases of your brand identity are translated clearly and in a way that resonates. with your target audience.

Social Media Jumpstart

And lastly I will setup your new business Facebook page and integrate core elements from your new brand strategy and aesthetic so that your brand looks and sounds the same from

Total Investment:  $7,598

Timeframe:  8 weeks (depending on revisions)

A La Carte

Discovery Meeting


Ideation Session


Brand Strategy Development


Brand Aesthetic


Web Design


Social Media Jumpstart